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The city that borders Nogales, Sonora, Mexico is Nogales, Arizona, in the United States of America. There are two entry points to Nogales Sonora Mexico from Nogales, Arizona, the first of these points is the border crossing point called "Dennis DeConcini" which is open 24 hrs. of the day and 365 days a year. The second is the Border Crossing Border called "Mariposa" which has schedule operating hours from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. 365 day a year. This is important to consider especially if you plan to arrive after 10:00 p.m. to the city and crossing into Mexico.

Below we explain how to get to the Hotel Marqués De Cima from each of these two points when you are coming from the United States of America.


If you plan to enter through the "Dennis DeConcini" crossing point, you must stay on interstate 19 (I19) all the way to the end. This highway road will lead you straight to an intersection with Grand Ave. very close to the border crossing road port. You will come across the first traffic light right on Grand Ave. and there you will turn to your right (South). A few yards away you will be at the border crossing "Dennis DeConcini" port of entry into Mexico. This same road will take you to street "Adolfo López Mateos" continue straight to the south and 4 blocks down the street this same road will automatically connect with the "Ave. Alvaro Obregon". Stay in a straight-line direction always to the south and 5 kilometers further on you will find the Hotel Marqués De Cima. This is the easiest way to find us. As an additional reference, we are passing the second vehicle overpass bridge on Álvaro Obregón avenue. As soon as you pass under this second bridge called "Caribean Bridge" you will find the entrance to the hotel on your right-hand side.


If you are entering through "Mariposa" border crossing road port, you will need to use road "189" also called "N. Mariposa Rd. "

When you are driving down Interstate highway "No. 19 "you will find a junction to the road" 189 " on EXIT number “4”. Once you take this exit 4 and reach the street you will come to a stop light, turn right on N. Mariposa Rd. (also known as road 189). Keep going straight all the way to the end of the road and it will take you directly to the "Mariposa" border crossing point which leads directly into Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

The street you enter once in Nogales Sonora is "Blvd. Luis Donaldo Colosio "also known as" “Periferico”, follow it straight to the south for 3.4 miles and take the right-hand exit to" Blvd. Greco. " (immediately after the TELCEL store located inside the SORIANA supermarket parking lot) The city of Nogales Sonora does not have very good road signs, so the best references are the landmarks previously mentioned to. Take this downhill exit that leads to Blvd Greco, here you will run into a stoplight that is in an intersection. Take a left hand turn on Blvd. Greco for another 3 stoplights (a little over half a mile) at the end of this avenue you will come across "Prolongación Ave. Álvaro Obregón", the best reference to know that you have reached this point is when you will be under an overpass, at this point just take a left turn again (North) stay on your left lane a block down it will turn into a turning lane and this turn will take you directly into Hotel Marqués De Cima.


Unfortunately, we do not accept pets at the hotel in any way. They are not accepted inside the rooms or outside of these (parking lot, inside vehicles, etc.). We have been asked if pets can be left inside a car in the hotel parking overnight, but this is not possible either.

We have a policy of no pets allowed at all within the hotel and this is due to various reasons including; past experiences over several years, for health and hygiene issues, but above all because the local health law does not allow it. We could be fined by local authorities if a pet is found or evidence that there were animals (particularly mammals or reptiles) anywhere in the hotel at one point.

A little bit over a mile from Hotel Marques De Cima a Pet Hotel exist, where your pet may sleep and get treated to goodies and several other services. This establishment is called “HOSPIATL ANIMAL” and its located in the same neighborhood as the hotel, we share a common zip code. It is regularly open from 8:00 a.m. at 8:00 p.m. (schedules may vary). Here is the contact information:

NAME: Animal Hospital

ADDRESS: Acropolis # 17, Col. J. de Kalitea, Nogales Sonora CP 84066

TEL: (631) 320 5495

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/HospitalAnimal/

You can also search for them on Google such as "Nogales Animal Hospital" and you can see the comments and ratings given by the users and pet owners who have hosted their pets here.


It is very easy, Federal highway number 15 is the main road that enters the city of Nogales Sonora, this highway automatically turns into "Avenida A. Obregón" which is the city’s main avenue. Hotel Marques De Cima is located along this same avenue, in such a way that it will not be necessary to deviate once you enter town.

Once you enter the city directly from the highway, you will follow this avenue straight down (North) for about 3 miles, once you pass "Blvd. El Greco" you will know this because you will go under an overpass, move over to your left-hand lane and a few yards down this same road you will see the hotel on your left hand side.


The North American Consulate of Nogales Sonora is located less than 1 mile away from Hotel Marques De Cima, if you take a taxi you arrive in 2 minutes or if you want to walk it takes approximately 15 minutes.


Our rates can only be posted in Mexican Pesos by law. To convert your rate from Mexican Pesos to US dollars it will be necessary to use the conversion formula (a basic division) along with the exchange rate of that day, this may confuse people a bit since the exchange rate between the dollar and the peso varies daily. Additionally, each establishment determines their exchange rate based on the local market (the way in which the businesses and banking institutions of the locality are applying the exchange rate between the peso and the dollar).

Because the “exchange rate” factor in the equation is time sensitive (may vary by day), when making the conversion at the time of reservation does not necessarily reflect the same result as making the conversion on the day of payment for your room (If payment is made on a different day from the reservation date). The conversion that prevails is the one that applies to the day of payment. So even though the rate will stay the same in Mexican Pesos once you make your reservation until the day you Check-Out from that reservation, you could have one conversion number in US Dollars on the day of the reservation and a different amount in US Dollars on the day of payment (unless you pay the same day you make the reservation).

To convert a rate from Mexican peso to US Dollars, you only need to divide the amount of the peso rate by the exchange rate established by the business on that day. For example; if the rate is $ 1,000.00 pesos per night and the exchange rate established that day is 18.50 x 1 (18.50 Mexican pesos for every 1 US dollar), then we simply divide the $ 1,000.00 per night rate between the 18.50 exchange rate, and the result will be your rate in US dollars of $ 54.05 per night.

Exchange Rate 18.50 x 1 (18.50 = 1)

Rate per night $ 1,000.00 pesos

We divide 1,000 / 18.50

Result $ 54.05 Dollars per night = Rate in U.S. Dollars


We do not have any smoking rooms in the hotel and smoking is not permitted in the hallways or parking lot, but we do have an open-air smoking area with chairs and tables in the premises for Tabaco smokers.


There is a small airport with International classification and it is authorized to receive domestic and foreign flights (commercial and private). At this moment there are no commercial flights operating at the Nogales Sonora International Airport.


The bus station TUFESA is literally a few steps away from Hotel Marques De Cima, we could say that we share a wall between one place and the other. You can easily walk from this bus station to the hotel. In 30 seconds from the door of the bus station you arrive at the door of the hotel if walking.

The bus station TAP is attached to the opposite side of the TUFESA bus station, so it is also a few steps from the hotel and it is also very easy to walk from this station to the hotel. In 45 seconds time from the door of the TAP bus station you can arrive at the door of the hotel by walking.

The bus station for Estrella Blanca group houses several transport lines, these are; Futura, Chihuahuense, Anahuac, Elite, Pacifico, Oriente, Aguacaliente, Estrella Blanca, Northern Sonora, TF border, Altamar, Connection, Costeños, Cuauhtémoc Rapids, Rojo de los Altos and Valle del Guadiana, among others. This terminal is half a mile from Hotel Marques De Cima and if you take a taxi you arrive in 1 minute or if you prefer to walk you will make 11 minutes from the bus station door to the Hotel’s door.


Yes, we have baby cribs, it is highly recommended to make your request for it as soon as possible (if possible from the moment you make your reservation), this way we can install it in your room prior to your arrival. Access to the crib facility is only available from 9:00 a.m. at 5:30 p.m. so if you request this service outside of these hours once you have arrived at the hotel it will be very difficult to get one.